24 Hour Laundry - 7133 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081

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24 Hour Washateria Houston TX

24 Hour Laundry is an automated Laundromat located at 7133 Chimney Rock at the corner of Bissonnet. We are the premier laundry in all of Houston. It is ultra-modern where no coins are needed. We welcome you to experience it for yourself.

At 24 Hour Laundry we strive to separate ourselves from all the other laundromats in Houston TX. We offer a drop off service for those who lead busy lives and want to save time.

Laundromats typically fall into the category of what we call a utility style laundry. Where you rush in and out as fast as you can because it’s usually not the most comfortable place to hang out. We specifically designed what we call our laundry lounge where you can sit and read, watch television or just relax while you wait.

At 24 Hour laundry we have something else you won’t find in any other Laundromats in Houston, a glass enclosed kids play area. This is there room where they can go make run, jump, make all the noise they want while you focus on getting your clothes done.

At 24 Hour Laundry we have giant washer as well as giant dryers. as a matter of fact we currently have the largest size washers than any Laundromats or Washateria’s or whatever you prefer to call them in all of southwest Houston.

So there you have it – a brief overview of what we believe separates our 24 Hour laundromat from all other regular laundromats and any other 24 hour laundromat Houston TX has to offer. Come by and see us. We’ll do our best to make you feel right at home.

24 Hour Laundromat Houston TX