Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe that customer service is backbone on any business. When people make the choice to spend their hard-earned dollars with us out of all of the other laundries says it all.

Wash & Fold

Wash & Fold Services

We place a high value on our wash and fold service. Doing thousands of pounds each month we've developed a system that consistently delivers the customer a professional product.


Kids Play Room, Games

Providing an exceptional customer wash experience led us to build out a glass enclosed kids play room complete with arcade and giant aquarium that parents and customers appreciate.


Snacks & Drinks

We know that spending up to two hours in our self service laundry facility at times, customers would like something to snack on and drink so we offer both in our vended machines.


Relaxation Chair

Something new this year is our vended massage chairs that allows customers to grab a quick massage while they're washing their clothes. Chairs accept cash or credit cards.

Ancillary Items

Bags, Laundry Hangers

Our branded laundry bags are a big hit with customers who's want to add a laundry bag or replace the one they have. We also provide laundry carrier cart with hangers.

Customer Lounge

Bistro Tables, TV

We want to make our customer stay as pleasant as possible so in the center of laundry we built a customer lounger with bistro tables to eat, do homework or just sit and watch TX.

Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery Wash Fold

Time constraints forces all of us to look for ways to create more free time. This year we are one of the very few laundromats offering pickup and delivery for wash and fold service.

Laundry Delivery

Pickup Wash Dry Fold & Drop-off

We will pick up laundry loads, deliver them to 24 hour laundry, wash dry fold them, deliver it back to You or drop off location clean & fresh. Bags and packaging available upon request.



We want to be your local laundrymat of choice and we'll make every effort to ensure that doing your laundry has never been easier and more comfortable.

Our Mission

TO create the most relaxing, comfortable, safe, cleanest environments anyone can have in Houston, TX, while doing their laundry. While you wait relax in our lounge area and enjoy our complimentary FREE Wi-Fi, watch TV, play games, drinks & snacks machines, outdoor bistro chairs..

Laundromat Houston TX

24 Hour Laundry

Self Service Laundry

We offer an array of services that are sure to leave you with a delightful experience.  Firstly, our laundromat is opened at all times which is a major luxury for people anxious to clean their clothing.

Additionally, we offer self-service laundry in which customers can load our washing and drying machines themselves. We also have larger washing machines so that you can complete your laundry load at a quicker cost-efficient time.

Commercial Laundry

We offer commercial laundry services—we certainly want to get some of those heavy loads off of businesses that have other priorities beyond the cleanliness of promotional fabrics.

We also offer dry-cleaning services for those who want a special cleaning touch for their delicate fabrics.

We also offer wash and fold pickup and drop off services, a complete laundry delivery.

Clean Environment

We offer a clean and comfortable 24 hour laundromat. Large and small machines that can handle any size load.

By providing an indoor playground for the kids, you can get on with the business of getting your clothes washed, dried, and folded while the kids are busy making new friends and enjoying themselves.

Great Soap products are available for purchase.

Laundry Houston TX

Laundry Services in Houston TX





  • Open 24 Hours a Day
  • Automated Laundry

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we sell several different brands of soap, bleach and softener.

Yes, You can and if it's early enough we can turn it around in same day.

No, our machines accept cash and debit or credit only, there are machines to change Your bills, also our no-charge laundry cards can be loaded with funds.

Yes, even Christmas and New Year. We never close.

Laundromat 24 Hours Open

Open 24/7, come wash all nite.

Wash and Fold

We have years of experience, and our staff at 24 Hour Laundry has laundered thousands of pounds of clothing prior to your clothes reaching our laundromat. We are trustworthy and our experience will speak for itself. With our wash and fold, pickup and delivery services, we at 24 Hour Laundry are sure to free up your time so that you have more time to enjoy your life!

Wash and Fold Services
Wash and Fold services cared for by our staff whom passionate about doing a great job with your laundry. Our staff are trained to treat, wash, and dry your clothes with great care. Our laundromat services are convenient, so you can drop you clothes off and go about your day without worrying about your laundry.
Wash and Fold Delivery
When you use our Wash and Fold Pickup and Delivery services, you are sure to save yourself the hassle of doing your own laundry.
You will be able to enjoy the pleasure of soft, clean, good smelling clothes that have been treated, washed, and dried by our trained laundry staff.

Wash and Fold

Wash & Fold Pickup And Delivery in Houston

Sometimes, laundry can be the most mundane part of our routine. Sometimes, there is not enough time. Sometimes, laundromats can cost way too much. Sometimes, doing laundry is a hassle. That is why we at 24 Hour Laundry want to offer you Wash and Fold, Pickup and Delivery services!

Wash and Fold

Once we take all of the steps to ensure that your clothing items are laundered well, we fold them neatly and packed tightly. We also weigh your clothing items to make sure that the price you are given is fair and clear to both you and our staff. You have the option to either pick up your items or have them delivered right to your doorstep. Once your laundry is done, you will receive a call, text, or email message letting you know.

We gauge if your clothes need mild bleach, and if they do, we are sure to use it with care!, We also dry your clothes gently to make sure that none of your wonderful clothing items shrink!

Wash Fold Delivery

With our Wash and Dry, Pickup and Delivery services, our staff at 24 Hour Laundry is sure to closely examine your clothes so that we meet the washing needs of each piece of clothing you bring in. Our staff also separates clothing by color temperature, and how vigorously it needs to be washed. We only use the best for you clothes! We wash every load of laundry that is dropped off to us with high quality detergent and fabric softener.

All of your items will be ready to return to their rightful places in your dresser and closet. After you feel how wonderful your clothes feel after being cared for by our well-trained staff, you will never want to wash your clothes on your own ever again!