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Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Services

24 Hour Laundry not only provides households with great service, we always provide our commercial clients with the best services that the laundromat market has to offer.

We at 24 Hour Laundry know that there are many reasons why people would need commercial laundry services. Just as your company wants to make sure that your clients get the best, we can make sure that they do through providing you with immaculate laundry services.

Corporate Laundry

Whether hotel, hospital or business, Commercial Laundry Services are dedicated to make sure all of your laundry items are well taken care of.

Commercial laundromats are beneficial because, if you have a business that needs their services, you can set up a deal with them and get everything washed for a great deal.

If you were to do everything yourself it could take weeks, but these commercial level wash and dry shops have everything set up for optimum performance and output, which means you get your linens quicker than normal and that speeds the laundry process.

Wash and Fold

More about Wash and Fold Services.

Drop Off Laundry

Drop off laundry for wash and fold.

Door to Door Laundry

We pickup, wash fold and deliver it.

Laundry Pickup & Delivery

Complete Laundry Delivery Services.

Business Laundry Services

Business Laundry Wash Fold Delivery.

Corporate Pickup & Drop Off

Corporate Laundry Service Accounts.

Commercial Laundry Services

Corporate Laundry Accounts

Some of our greatest clients are hotels, governmental agencies, and hospitals, as their needs for cleanliness are large and must be fulfilled swiftly.

24 Hour Laundry Clients know that your guests have great needs when it comes to being comfortable.

We are greatly invested in keeping the needs of guests in mind when we care for your items. Our team is highly organized and care about your guests feeling well taken care of.

When we care for hospital linens, we are sure to use hypoallergenic materials and take extra care of the linens so that patients feel comfortable as they are on the road of recovery.

With 24 Hour Clients, your guests and patients will definitely notice how comfortable their linens are.

Business Laundry Accounts

Even though 24 Hour Laundry takes care of larger clients such as hospitals, governmental agencies, and hotels, we also love working with smaller businesses with commercial laundry needs.

Sometimes, property rentals, salons, , yoga studios, and other businesses that make use of many items that need to be washed and cared for carefully can make good use of our services.

We know that your schedules are busy. No commercial job is too big or too small for 24 Hour Laundry. Not only will we take good care of your items, we offer delivery services.

At times, the quality and comfort of linens are overlooked because they are often replaced quickly. We always meet your deadlines, and are open to delivering to wherever you need us to within the Greater Houston area.

Ontime Commercial Laundry

Something that we pride ourselves on is being flexible. While many other laundromats have a shortened schedule, 24 Hour Laundry and our well-trained staff is happy to take on commercial jobs at any time, and we want to meet all of your laundry needs.

Our laundry prices are flexible, we use safe processes to clean your items, and we always get the job done swiftly. We take care of any and all issues concerning the cleanliness and look of your linen. We are sure to make sure that anything that can affect the appearance and quality of your linens are well taken care of.

We at 24 Hour Laundry can guarantee that your items will be cared for with no hardh chemicals, that there will be no strong smells left on your laundry, that all of you items will be accounted for when our job is done, and that we will meet all of your customized orders.

Contact us

Contact us to go over laundry wash fold delivery services & rates with us, arrange service dates and time of laundry services needed

Laundry Pickup

We will pick-up laundry at given time and will deliver it to our laundry service location for laundromat services company is asking for.

Wash & Fold It

Our wash and fold services getting done by trained managers in our laundry service location, we bag it if requested by our clients.

Laundry Drop Off

After final check of laundry quality, our laundromat delivery drivers will deliver fresh laundry items to the location of laundry drop off.

Commercial Laundry 24 Hours Open

Commercial laundry services in Houston TX and surrounding areas..

Corporate Laundry

Corporate Laundry Services

When you run a massive corporation, you might be in the need for a commecial laundry service if you want your employees and clients to have access to something beneficial to their time management.

Corporate Laundromat

With commercial laundromats it's a little different, they handle many more loads of laundry and do it just as well as you could yourself, so if you ever have access to one of these great laundry services, we highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Commercial Laundry
Drop Off Laundry

Think about it, how often will you be able to drop off all of your laundry in one location, and have it all done right then and there. Of course you’ll have to wait a bit of time for it to be washed, dried, and then folded for you but that’s pretty typical. Many companies are starting to outsource their linens being washed or even giving their employees access to dry cleaners and laundromats on a commercial level so they can lump all their washing needs into one visit.

Commercial Laundromat Benefits

Why are Commercial Laundromats are Beneficial?
Commercial laundromats tend to be larger than your average operation, and can take on many more clients and laundry loads than your conventional laundromat. When you walk into a normal laundromat, there will be washers lining the walls and dryers in the center (typically), and this is similar to commercial laundromat services but different at the same time.

It's similar because you’re getting a service performed and you’re getting clean linens and clothing in return for an exchange of money. The difference is that some of these commercial laundromats work solely with corporations needing a lot of linens and clothing washed on a regular cycle, and not the common person who needs to do one or two loads of white and colors.

Commercial Laundry Questions Answered

We provide commercial laundry services with laundry pickup wash dry fold packaging and dropoff delivery services for business, corporate, hotel, restaurants, schools, colleges, university ...

We provide commercial laundry services in Houston Texas and all surrounding areas like Bellaire, Post Oak, River Oaks, Downtown and Galleria Areas, Memorial and Medical Center Areas, University of Houston and Rice University Area, Katy, Sugar Land, Pasadena, The Woodlands, 1960, Pearland, Humble, Kemah, Spring, Webster, Seabrook, League City, La Porte and Friendswood Texas. Harris County, Fort Bend County, Mission Bend County and Greater Houston Area.

Laundry quote can be provided by phone by calling 713-253-2876, laundry rates will depend on delivery distance, load weights and any special details like laundry packaging, soap type ...

We do accept cash, check, credit cards, PayPal and any available money transfers ...

Laundromat 24 Hours Open

Open 24/7, come wash all nite.

Commercial Laundry Clients

Can Anyone Access Commercial Laundry Services? If anyone could use them they wouldn't be considered commercial, right? Not everyone can access these types of commercial laundry services because they aren't advertising to the public, and you can't just walk in and use their washers and dryers. these laundromats tend to be in warehouse type of building and have loading area where companies can load and unload their linens.

Commercial Laundromat

Normally the laundry company will go out and get the linens, because they business owner doesn't have to transport their soiled or old linens to the location where they will be washed.

Commercial Laundry Services

Commercial Linen & Laundry Services

School Laundromat Services

Schools Benefit From Commercial Laundromats
Of Course! Schools that have uniforms can benefit from these types of services just as much as any other business out there.

Think about it, how many students could be at a school that has grades K through 8? If you have 2 classes per grade, with 25 kids in each class, that's 50 kids per grade. That's a total of 400 uniforms to be washed if they wanted to do it that way.

Of course, not many schools will opt for this because it would be an extra charge to the students and parents, but if they're going to a private school that has uniforms, the parents might take advantage of this service on a Friday and pick up their kids uniforms on Saturday so they have them for the next week.

Busy parents don’t want to do any laundry when they get home because they're already drained from their daily actions outside of the house. They just want to come home, sit in front of the TV and watch a show or two, or they want to read a book and go to bed.

Hotel Laundry Services

Hotels and Motels use Commercial Laundromats
They sure do! If a hotel or motel has a lot of guests due to an event in the area taking up all their rooms for the night or a weekend, they will usually contact a commercial laundromat and schedule a time to bring in a massive load of laundry to be cleaned.

Hotels and motels certainly have the equipment to do a lot of laundry, but rarely do they have the equipment to clean every piece of linens they have within the building over a day or two period. Sure, they have plenty of backup linens they can use while the soiled ones are being cleaned, dried, then folded but they might not rely solely on backups.
If a hotel or motel is smaller, they might not have their own equipment, so they will likely outsource the work to a credible linen company that runs their own commercial laundromat an offers their services to small and medium sized businesses.
Sure, some of these commercial laundry services out there might turn down small and medium businesses in need because they just don't have enough work for them, but not all of these companies will stick their noses up like this.

Laundromat Delivery Services

Do They Deliver The Laundry After It's Cleaned?
Some commercial laundry services will do this and some will not, it just depends on their equipment and time frames. If you're working with a newer service, they might not have all the trucks needed to transport clean linens to a client, and they will ask the client to come get them when they are ready.

Usually they will have the equipment to deliver the goods, but you never know how busy they actually are, and you might have to wait a little longer to get your linens and clothing delivered. It will never be a long period of time, but it could take a few extra hours, which won’t make or break a business.

In fact, some commercial laundry services solely target the smaller businesses in need because their own services are building up and they can’t take on larger hotels that have a lot of work and need a quick turn over time.

Adding a little bit of convenience to a parents life is always appreciated as long as that convenience doesn't cost an arm and a leg.