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    Commercial Laundry Service For Your Business

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    How Do I Order Commercial Laundry Service?

    Whether you are in the medical, hospitality, or elderly-care industry, we help businesses of all types and sizes solve their commercial laundry problems.

    More than your typical wash and fold service, we offer free consulting for our commercial clients to streamline their laundry and outsource their on-site laundry facilities, helping free up time for your employees.

    Contact us today to learn more and schedule your no-cost commercial laundry consultation.

    How Much Does Commercial Laundry Pickup Cost?

    Every business is unique, and so are their laundry requirements.

    We work closely along with each commercial client to customize a plan and schedule that works for them.

    We offer all of our commercial laundry pickup clients a chance to receive a free quote. To learn more, contact us today. We’re here to help tackle your company’s laundry!

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    Custom Laundry Solution For Your Business

    Laundry is a real struggle for many businesses. Many business owners find that on-site laundry is simply not worth the hassle, from costly machine repairs and maintenance to properly training staff to ensure your laundry is cared for properly.

    If you are looking for a way to save time and money on your company’s laundry, 24 Hour Laundry can help! Just contact us today, and we will provide a free, custom laundry solution for your business.

    Commercial Linen Service

    Commercial linen services do not have to be expensive or complicated. 

    We’re already helping hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars, and caterers take control of their linen services with a stress-free plan from 24 Hour Laundry.

    Contact us today, tell us about your laundry needs, and we will help provide affordable options to outsource your commercial linen needs.

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    commercial linen services enabled healthcare worker adding clean linen and pillowcases to hospital bed

    Full Service Healthcare Linen Services

    Healthcare providers are the lifeblood of the medical industry in Houston, TX.

    We proudly offer full-service healthcare linen and laundry service to outpatient care facilities, hospitals, physician clinics, and more.

    We follow all sanitation and handling requirements for our healthcare clients, ensuring their linens are always cleaned and sanitized to exacting standards the meet all CDC and OSHA requirements.

    Commercial Laundry Service List

    24 Hour Laundry's commercial laundry services enable hotel worker to add clean linen, sheets, pillowcases, comforters, towels, and napkins in hotel room

    Frequently Asked Laundromat Questions

    General Laundromat Questions

    7133 Chimney Rock Rd
    Houston, TX 77081

    Phone Number: (713) 253-2876

    At 24 Hour Laundry, we believe everyone deserves a clean, safe, and comfortable place to do their laundry. That is why we invest in providing a secure, reliable atmosphere for our customers where they can access our top-quality washing machines and dryers. Together with our user-friendly layout, you’ll love bringing your laundry to 24 Hour Laundry. You can enjoy our free Wi-Fi, watch TV, play games, or enjoy our outdoor seating area.

    For best results, we recommend washing your whites separately to avoid that grey-dull look that occurs when dyed clothing items leech their color in the wash. If you need to mix in whites and colors in a single load, try washing them on cold to prevent some fading.

    If you are concerned about colors fading when you do your laundry, you can follow some simple tips to keep your colors more vibrant. To begin, always select the cold setting for your water. Choosing cold water temperature will keep clothing fibers closed and will help minimize fade. You can also try permanent press or gentle cycles to limit wear on your clothes.

    Washing “dry clean only” clothes using normal washing machines and dryers is never recommended. If you need assistance washing your dry clean only garments or household items, please contact us. We can help assist with the pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning to help avoid damage for an additional charge.

    We offer several detergents and other stain removers on location for purchase to help remove unwanted stains from your clothes. Soaking stains for at least 30 minutes before washing may also help to remove tough stains before placing them in the washer. Selecting hotter water temperatures and adding the appropriate detergent should also help remove most stains from your clothing.

    Guests are responsible for their own property, including clothes left in the machines. We recommend staying nearby to help supervise your wash and ensure all items remain in your possession throughout your visit. For clients not wishing to wait, we also offer wash and fold services, which include free delivery and pickup. Please get in touch with us for pricing and available pickup times regarding our wash and fold services.

    At 24 Hour Laundry, every day is laundry day. For your convenience, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means you can wash, dry, and fold your clothes at 24 Hour Laundry in Houston, TX, anytime that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.

    Laundromat Facility Questions

    Yes, most laundromats and washaterias still use quarters, including the machines at 24 Hour Laundry. We have change machines on location available for customers. If you need assistance or have questions regarding accepted payments, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

    Guests are welcome to use their detergent or purchase one of the great-smelling detergents we have available for purchase onsite. If you plan on bringing your detergent from home, consider travel size options to make travel more convenient. Detergent options for purchase vary. For a complete list of available detergents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Our professional, commercial-grade machines will make washing and drying your clothes at 24 Hour Laundry a breeze. We provide enough laundry machines and seating that you’ll never get stuck fighting for a spot no matter the day or time. If you are looking to save time waiting on laundry, try our wash and fold service, which includes free delivery and pickup.

    Washing an average-sized load of laundry usually takes about 30 minutes. However, actual wash time varies on the setting you select. Also, plan accordingly for additional time to dry and fold your laundry. To help pass the time, we offer free Wi-Fi, games, and TV.

    Prices at 24 Hour Laundry may vary. For the latest prices on our washing and drying machines, please contact us.

    24 Hour Laundry is not responsible for clothes left unattended at our washateria or laundromat. We do our best to collect clothes that may have been left inadvertently and hold on to them in our secure lost and found. If you believe one of your items may have been lost in our facility, please contact us to identify your lost items, and we will return them promptly.

    We encourage all guests to be respectful of the machines and other guests’ time. Please be sure to monitor your laundry and promptly remove them from the machines when the cycle completes.

    If you want to try our wash and fold laundry service, you can drop off your clothes at the laundromat or schedule a free pickup at your home, work, or school. Be sure to contact us and schedule your drop off time if you wish to use our drop off laundry service option.

    Yes! 24 Hour Laundry is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means you’re welcome to do your laundry at midnight, early morning, afternoon, or any time of day that works best for your schedule.

    At 24 Hour Laundry, we do regular maintenance and cleaning on all of our machines to ensure an optimal experience for our guests. Your clothes will come out clean and smell great each time. If you are ever unsatisfied with your laundry, contact us, and we will do our best to make it right.

    The types of clothing you choose to wash in our machines are completely up to you. You should always check the care instructions on your clothing items before washing. Generally, “dry clean only” clothing will be marked on the tag and should not be washed using a standard washing machine to help ensure the integrity of the garment.

    When washing and drying your clothes, we recommend that you supervise your clothing closely. Staying close by your current machine while enjoying our free Wi-Fi or TV helps ensure your clothing is not disturbed by another guest.

    Fabric softeners can be used in our washing machines. You can purchase fabric softener onsite or bring your preferred fabric softener from home.