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Laundry Jobs

Are you looking for laundry services employment or just employment in general? Well, a laundry service is great if you have a set schedule or flexible one at that, because there are plenty of locations out there that are set 9am to 9pm and there are also locations out there that are open 24 hours a day, and they both need employees to run the store fronts!

Laundromat Employment

Laundromat employment isn't a difficult thing to obtain, you simply have to watch their website as well as a job board, and apply for the position that is open at the time.

Now, positions get filled fairly quick because the job is fairly simple and that's what people love, but it also fills up quickly because laundromats work very well with peoples schedules, and that's what a lot of us need.

Employment Positions

Now, positions get filled fairly quick because the job is fairly simple and that's what people love, but it also fills up quickly because laundromats work very well with peoples schedules, and that's what a lot of us need.

This is a great job to work because you can actually get a lot of other things done while working, as long as it's during your downtime and not during peak hours.

Available Jobs

Labor Work

From basic wash and fold services area to pickup drop off laundry jobs.


Shift manager operates the schedule, wash & fold, communicates with clients.


Handy man, building and laundry maintenance positions are open.

Delivery Drivers

Drive for us, delivery posittions change often, contact us for more...


Call us at 713-660-9577 to find out more general information about employment opportunities with 24 Hour Laundry.


For manager, maintenance or any special positions we will make an appointment for interview, trainings, etc ...


Email us Your resume or documents You want to share with us regarding employment experience, skills, application, contracts

Apply Online

Fill an online employment application in a secure form, we contact after reviewing every application and availability.

24 Hours Laundry Employment

Laundromat Jobs
Laundromat employment is great for anyone, from college students to single Moms, if you have a set time you can work then a laundromat is a great place to put in an application.

If you bring your laptop with you, you can get some homework done or you can talk with friends and family, but only if you you don't have customers in the store or you have to fix something that happens to be broken.

Now, you won't have to fix the actual machines, but you will have to fix little things that aren't working how they are suppose to be like the door sticking or a chair rocking when it's not suppose to.

Laundry Employment

Laundry Jobs in Houston Texas

Laundry Employment

It becomes very important to have a washing machine or other laundry equipment at home, to carry on the household work.

But although being a necessity, it is found that very seldom people are able to take time out of their busy schedule and make an effort of doing the laundry on their own.

The difficulty of doing the laundry on their own has increased the demand for Laundromats and it has also triggered the need for Laundry Employment in Houston.

Laundromat Jobs

A Laundromat is a place where there are big washing machines set up for the cleaning of dirt and removal of stains from the clothes.

People who work here are skilled, trained and experienced in working with clothes having delicate fabrics and also ensure to offer high quality services. Laundromats are often looking for 24 Hours Laundromat Employment in Houston Texas as there are more and more people looking to use the services of a Laundromat to get the laundry done.

Wash & Fold Jobs

Laundromats definitely look to benefit from the growing market and the rising demand for washing and laundry.

This automatically increases the need for Laundromat Employment Houston TX as you need someone to do the work for you. This is especially true for the Laundromats that offer pickup and drop off services.

Here the staffs are not only required to do the laundry stuff, but also for the transportation and delivery services.

Laundry Delivery

It is often found that customers need overnight laundry and shortage of staff can be a hindrance in such situations. Thus, recruitment for 24 Hours Laundromat Employment in Houston Texas becomes very essential to ensure that there are enough staff members available and the laundry work is completed in the given time frame.

Laundry Employment in Houston is also needed to carry out the manual tasks, which also includes using the washing machines installed in the Laundromats.

Laundromat Employment

Laundry services employment positions don't last long on the market because the skills sets in order to obtain the job aren't very strict.

This means that the majority of people out there in the world actually qualify for the position, as long as you're of legal working age within your state.

Laundromat Employment Houston TX become very essential as there is a need for highly professional and well informed staff, especially when you want to make the most of a machine, irrespective of the cleaning agent used.

Opting for Laundry Employment in Houston ensures the availability of specially trained people willing to work conveniently, with all kind of agents. It becomes important for the staffs to have proper understanding of the detergent, cleaning agents, stain removal solutions used while washing the clothes. This becomes an important concern, as it can cause damage to delicate clothes, leave spots or show other adverse effects.

Laundromat Manager

You don't need a degree or any previous experience to be accepted for this job, which is very nice for people that never graduated or are looking for their first job. If you’re looking for a great starter job, and you don’t have any experience in other fields, becoming a laundromat manager is a great place to put in your application.

Laundromat Employment Houston TX ensures proper training of the employees to have conscientious about the risks involved in using any kind of solvent.

There are solutions that not only cause damage to the clothes that have additional decorations with graphics, but also other clothes that a give rise to expensive claims for the business.

The professionals workers take care of all the above and ensure that the services provided to you are worth your expenses and also ensure the Laundromats keeping working effectively. Having a good staff ensures high quality services and thus a happy and satisfied customer!!!

Laundromat Houston TX

With flexible hours and the opportunity to get some school work done while actually working, this job is great for college or high school students. If you're interested in laundromat services employment, all you have to do is to apply and see if you get a call back. We respond fast, contact your local laundromat today!

It becomes very important for the Laundromat Employment Houston TX to provide the new users with practical training, enabling them to deliver a successful laundry service.

They must be given a professional experience by allowing them to practice on appropriate machinery; this ensures they offer effective and efficient services.

24 Hours Laundromat Employment in Houston Texas ensures that the new staff gets to benefit from their training and this not only helps the newcomers to get acquainted with the laundry processes but also enables the existing staff to recall their training.