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laundromat Professional cleaners are the magicians of the laundromat industry. They value your personal and financial investment in clothes and make sure to give t hem to you as good as new, no matter the damage. They genuinely have tons of tricks up their sleeves. They make sure your garments are spotless without the risk of thread pulling, color mixing, or any damage to the fabric. From horrible stains to cleaning out precious and delicate cloth, cleaning your laundry professionally will ensure it is all under control.  This sort of expertise comes with years of experience and a vast array of knowledge. So, let’s peep into the world of professional laundry and look at a few laundry tips for beginners that will help us care for our garments or do immediate damage control before it is late.

The formal wear magic number

Just because you have expensive formal wear does not mean you need to empty your bank account washing them every time you wear them. The magic number for formal wear is three, meaning you can wear them on three occasions before putting them in for a wash. Using it three times before washing it will ensure you are not stretching the material thin. This way, it will remain clean and tidy and will last for a more extended period. However, if you get any stains from spills or something else, that will be an obvious exception to the rule. But otherwise, this number should keep your clothes happy and long-lasting. 

Understand the clothing label

Garments with delicate designs and materials always have a tag that says “dry cleaning only,” You must take its word. If it says it is dry cleaning only, do not try other washing methods, no matter how cost-effective they might seem, as they might ruin your clothes. So, load up your pockets and go to a dry cleaner, no matter how much it hurts, to ensure your precious and expensive clothing stays the same. 

Stop using excessive detergent

You will need more than just using detergents to make your clothes look straight off the rack. Overdosing your clothes with detergent might leave a residue that is harder to clean and is often missed due to the rush in the laundromat. That leads to the clothes catching even more dirt than before.  Professionals use much less detergent in their loads. In fact, sometimes theft uses less than the bare minimum needed to ensure everything goes smoothly without any accidents.  If you are dealing with stains, more detergent is not the solution. You can remove the stains beforehand and put them in the load to be washed. 

Leave your stains

Wine, ink, and mud are the three most common types of stains that one sees. You have to understand your remover might not effectively remove these stains. Every clothing is different, and the colors come from other things, so to remove these stains, you need different tactics. It is best to leave this to a professional instead of trying to do it on your own. Substances like baking soda or vinegar make the stains harder to remove. 

Zip the zippers

Please make sure all the zippers on your clothes are closed before you put them for washing. Zipper-related accidents are an everyday thing at this point. Zippers can get caught with other items and might tug or cause a tear in them. So, make sure to avoid this minor hiccup by keeping them close. The same goes for velcro. They can snag other items in the wash load when they are not close. So, make sure to check if it is closed before washing. Another way to avoid that would be to wash them separately. 

Avoid bleeding colors

Laundry is not where you want a surprise tie-die effect on your favorite white shirt. Colors from clothes bleed, no matter how expensive they are. So, sort your clothes according to color beforehand and prepare your load. Refrain from taking chances with deep-colored garments, as you may never know which one will unsuspectingly stain your clothes.  It is best to separate your whites from your colored clothes. Or you can check if your clothing color bleeds by dabbing a wet cotton swab on your clothes and inspecting whether the cotton swab caught any colors. If you see them bleeding colors, it is best to hand wash them separately.

Dab, don’t rub

We all have had nasty stains, and our first instinct is to rub them vigorously and put a lot of force into them. When you are dealing with a stain, make sure to dab it on the place instead of rubbing it harshly. Rubbing your stains too much will have the opposite effect than intended, as the stain will go further into the fabric instead of getting removed.  In cases of stains, always use your stain remover and dab it from the outer corners to the inner corners. This will help prevent the stain from spreading across the fabric. 

Avoid shrinking and stretching

Whenever you put your clothes for a wash, you might find them shrinking in size or stretching. The intensity of shrinks and stretches can vary from one fabric to another. It depends on the fiber content of the clothes and the weaving it possesses.  Some of the best ways to avoid shrinking or stretching your clothes are by using cold water during the wash, avoiding too much agitation on clothes, and using a hot clothes dryer. This way, your clothes will be the perfect fit every time. 

Wash clothes inside out

Wash clothes inside out Washers can put a lot of strain on clothes, and some of them can get a tear or two due to that. The best way to avoid this hassle is by washing them inside out. This way, the inside layer of your clothes bears most of the burden, and the outside remains protected. It also helps with keeping buttons, sequins, or graphics printed on your clothes intact during the wash cycle.


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