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Laundromat Services

24 Hour Laundry Services
At 24 Hour Laundry, we work to provide you with all fabric cleaning needs at your convenience.

We are open at all times around the clock which means you never have to worry about not having enough time to get that annoying stain out of your clothing you can come to us at three in the morning and take care of that issue.

We offer a variety of services which allow you to sit back and relax as we handle your dirty loads.

Laundry Services

Automated Laundry 24/7
Wash anytime You want, no matter You have coins, cash, debit or credit card, our automated machines will exchange it into a laundry card which can be shared with family or friends as well, come wash all night if You have a large loads and less time.
Wash Fold Services
Our custom wash and fold services for individual drop off or commercial laundry services, we provide clean and fast laundromat services in and around Houston TX, contact us for more about wash and fold services, we can quote on rates and time frame.
Laundry Wash Fold Delivery
Laundromat commercial services for businesses, schools, universities, hotels or even motels, picking up large loads, washing folding bagged & delivering will be our job to perform. All contracts are welcome. Direct billing and accounting for corporate accounts.

Drop Laundry for Wash & Fold
One of the best ways to skip the long laundry wash and fold time is to drop them for us to do the wash and fold for You and package it in bag in requested or even we drop off the laundry items for You, we also have a complete pickup drop off laundry delivery services.
Laundry Delivery Services
Do you want to know what's even more exciting? We will even come to your home and pick up your laundry, wash and fold it just for you to pickup or we can deliver it as well. Enjoy work or home while we wash fold and deliver Your laundry service.
Dry Cleaning Services
For your more delicate fabrics, we offer exceptional dry cleaning services. Our team of professionals know how to take care of your laundry. We provide individual, restaurant and even hotel dry cleaning services. Contact us for more dry cleaning service details.

Large Capacity Washers
Our large washers allow for you to handle heavy loads all at once. Getting your laundry taken care of has never seemed so easy. Our series extend to businesses want to take this advantage of large washers and dryers to wash and dry large loads of laundry.
Self Service Laundry
With our self-service laundry machines all you have to do is load the machinery and enjoy a book, phone, tv, wi fi internet, massage chairs, games, snacks & sodas, bistro chairs and table indoor and outdoors. You no longer have to risk cleanliness for work.

Services Laundromat

Business Wash & Fold Services

When a company like a hotel or motel sends out it's linens to be cleaned, it doesn't always mean they will come back folded, which creates an additional job for their employees since you want everything to look nice as it's going through the halls and being applied to the beds.

Usually a laundry service that takes on a request like this will fold everything they wash, but not always, and that is why you need to make sure the company you’re working with will fold everything after it has been washed.

You can avoid getting back a bundle of linens which will now need to be ironed out.

Folding right after a dry cycle will reduce the amount of wrinkles that can happen in the linen if they didn't get folded immediately.

Outsourcing Your Cleaning Needs

A lot of hotels and motels will outsource their laundry services because they either don't have the resources to do it themselves or they can't work with a massive amount of turnover with their current machines.

Don't worry, this is a common thing when it comes to hotels and motels needing to clean every piece of linen due to a big conference or event coming to their area and every room being booked.

Sure, they have a lot of linens as backup, but they want to be sure that everything is stocked and ready to go out at a moments notice, so they will outsource their wash and fold services so they're guaranteed to have everything back in the shortest amount of time possible. Hotels and motels have been doing this for many years and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Corporate Laundry Services

In the world of business, we don't always have time to do the laundry we need to for our company, so having a company come in and do everything for you is preferred.

We don't have the time to wash and dry everything because we're running a business or just too busy doing all our daily tasks that we don't have time to do the washing and drying ourselves, or if we eventually do have time, we are too drained and don't want to do anything else for the day.

A laundry service that will do everything for you is amazing, and it should never be second guessed, because they usually are top notch and rely on your positive review in order to keep their businesses running. This means, they will get the job done quickly and efficiently, all while you focus on what you have to do day to day!

Self Service Laundry

Self service wash and fold with automated laundry washers and dryers.

Free WiFi, Bistro Seats, Soaps, Snack Machine, Sodas, Water, TV and Music.

Automated laundry card, different size laundry and dryer machines.

Open 24 Hours, Come Wash Anytime.

Corporate Laundry

In today's corporate world you would never thing that there are laundry services that are designed specifically for businesses needing wash and fold service. Many times there are reasons for a company to search for a laundromat service that can do a massive amount of work in a short amount of time. If you're running a hotel or motel, you will need everything to be done quickly, but you might not have enough money to purchase and fund your own cleaning equipment, so you'll have to outsource the cleaning work to a credible laundromat service.

This isn't a big deal at all, there are actually a lot of hotels and motels that outsource their wash and fold services, so don't feel bad if you're thinking of doing the same thing.

The machines that can handle an entire hotels laundry needs are extremely expensive, and this means a lot of smaller hotels and motels can't afford them, which is where the outsourced laundromats come in to play. If a smaller hotel or motel gets swamped with reservations, they will know when they need to bring in some extra help to get everything washed, and that means they can schedule this work far in advance with the laundromat service.

Benefits Of Laundry

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself one question, "Do I really want to wash my own linens, and do I have to to do it?". If you can answer this one simple question, you will be able to figure out if you are in need of a laundry service.

If you don't really want to wash your own clothes, you'll likely need to do some research and figure out what the best service in the area is to get the job done for you while you do other things like go grocery shopping or just sit at home and wind down.

If you don't have the time to do all of your own linens, personal or business related, you will definitely have to look for a great laundry service and figure out what you can pay them for each load. , which means a laundromat will likely be the best solution

If you're a corporation looking to outsource your laundry needs, you will want to work with a great wash and fold service so you're guaranteed a quick turn around time as well as an amazing service. If you want the best out of a service, be sure they will fold everything after it's washed, which will reduce wrinkles.

Laundromat Services

There are services out there that are for more personal use, but still fall in the business industry, because they focus more on work clothes and get their customers through corporations signing contracts with them.

The person dropping off the clothes won't have to pay for anything, since the company who signed the contract is fronting the bill, and then the laundry service gets to work. These types of services are more rare, but they're out there, and you will have to work for a company that has an agreement with a laundromat, laundry service, or wash and fold service in order to access it.

Most of the time these little wash and fold companies are located right in the building of a multi-million or multi-billion dollar company and people can drop off their clothes before or after they go to their offices.

It doesn't matter what type of business you run, if you have any sort of linens or uniforms, you'll likely need a laundry service to clean everything and have a quick turnover so that everything gets back to your business before your customers come in.