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Wash Fold Pickup Delivery
Sometimes, laundry can be the most mundane part of our routine. Sometimes, there is not enough time. Sometimes, laundromats can cost way too much. Sometimes, doing laundry is a hassle. That is why we at 24 Hour Laundry want to offer you Wash and Fold, Pickup and Delivery services!
Wash Fold Services
When you use our Wash and Fold, Pickup and Delivery services, you are sure to save yourself the hassle of doing your own laundry. You will be able to enjoy the pleasure of soft, clean, good smelling clothes that have been treated, washed, and dried by our trained laundry staff.
Wash & Fold Staff
Something that is great is that our staff is ready to take care of your clothes around the clock. All you have to do is give us a call! Wash and Fold services happen in our laundromat and are cared for by our staff who is passionate about doing a great job with your laundry.

Wash Dry Fold
Our staff is trained to treat, wash, dry your clothes, and fold them with greatest care.

Our laundromat's service is convenient, so you can drop you clothes off and go about your day without worrying about your laundry.
Wash Dry Deliver
With our Wash and Dry, Pickup and Delivery services, our staff at 24 Hour Laundry is sure to closely examine your clothes so that we meet the washing needs of each piece of clothing you bring in.

Our staff also separates clothing by color temperature, and how vigorously it needs to be washed.
Dry Cleaning Services
We only use the best for you clothes! We wash every load of laundry that is dropped off to us with high quality detergent and fabric softener. We gauge if your clothes need mild bleach, and if they do, we are sure to use it with care! We also dry your clothes gently to make sure that none of your wonderful clothing items shrink!

Wash Fold and Packaging Once we take all of the steps to ensure that your clothing items are laundered well, we fold them neatly and packed tightly.

We also weigh your clothing items to make sure that the price you are given is fair and clear to both you and our staff. All of your items will be ready to return to their rightful places in your dresser and closet.
Trained Wash and Fold Staff
You have the option to either pick up your items or have them delivered right to your doorstep. Once your laundry is done, you will receive a call, text, or email message letting you know. After you feel how wonderful your clothes feel after being cared for by our well-trained staff, you will never want to wash your clothes on your own ever again!

Wash and Fold Services

Wash and Fold in Houston

Wash and Fold Services in Houston Texas are often considered by people that are looking for different ways to save both time and money. Among the several benefits of hiring the services of Wash and Fold Services near me, includes high quality services at reasonable prices and its accessibility from your home or around the city.

Wash and Fold Services Houston TX not only help you to save a lot of free time, but they also become a great way to save a lot of money too. Moreover, if as a family member you are finding it difficult to deal with laundry, you need to take the help of the services.

An important part of the professional services also includes dry cleaning too.

Wash and Fold Laundromat

One of the most preferred Laundromat services is hiring the professional services of Wash and Fold delivery. The process followed by Wash and Fold Services Houston TX involves dropping stained clothes or soiled laundry to the counter in bags which are received and marked by the workers to ensure your clothes do not get misplaced.

As the name suggests Wash and Fold Services in Houston Texas includes segregation and washing of the clothes, which are then folded and returned to the owner. Apart from this, with Wash and Fold Services Houston TX you also get the privilege of getting special care for delicate items that require proper attention. These items include sweater and other similar items.

Wash Fold Services Near Me

Wash and Fold Services in Houston Texas provide you with sorting, washing and folding of your laundry, along with this you also get to enjoy other services too and altogether it helps you to save a lot of time. The services of Wash and Fold Services near me are considered worthy, especially by people that have proper information about Laundromat services, rather than washing the laundry at home.

It is definitely a time consuming process, when you have to do the sorting of the clothes on your own, putting them in washer, drying of clothes using the drier and also fold the clothes on your own, hence choosing the Wash and Fold Services Houston TX is your best option.

Wash and Fold Laundry

Wash & Fold Services in Houston TX
We have years of experience, and our staff at 24 Hour Laundry has laundered thousands of pounds of clothing prior to your clothes reaching our laundromat.

We are trustworthy and our experience will speak for itself. Very often laundry services take a complete day or it may complete the work within few hours, it depends on how busy the Laundromat is.

The services also include ironing of clothes and use of hangers to hang them. With our wash and fold, pickup and delivery services, we at 24 Hour Laundry are sure to free up your time so that you have more time to enjoy your life!

Wash and Fold

Affordable Wash and Fold

For individuals that are living a busy life, busy in their business or taking care of their family, the amount of time saved by such individuals has more worth than the amount of money spend to get the desired services.

There are several other services too that you can use to get your laundry done quickly.

Wash & Fold in Houston

Wash and Fold Services Houston TX allow you to free up your time that you can spend with your family and other things and simultaneously get your laundry done.

Wash and Fold Services near me are found to be more beneficial for the housewives that have been using Laundromats.

Professional Wash and Fold

Where you have to visit the Laundromat on your own, sometimes with your children which is a headache on its own, you have to option of choosing the Wash and Fold Services Houston TX.

Wash and Fold Services in Houston Texas offer you with professional, convenient and time efficient services available at your choice.