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How Often Do Washaterias Clean Their Machines?

Offering a clean environment for our clients to wash their laundry is one of the reasons we founded 24 Hour Laundry. We frequently clean our machines to ensure your laundry always look and smell their best.

That’s not all we clean nearly daily at 24 Hour Laundry. Our highly skilled and professional-trained staff also clean the bathrooms, seats, and floors regularly to ensure your experience is also comfortable while waiting for your clothes to wash and dry.

If anything with our facilities is not to your liking, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will make sure the problem is corrected. At 24 Hour Laundry, nothing will stand between you and finishing your laundry day!

Are You Supposed To Stay At The Washateria?

Yes, we recommend all of our clients supervise their wash and dry cycles closely. This will ensure no one disturbs your clothes but will also allow you to monitor the cycle, spin, and dry is all to your liking.

While you wait, consider the following activities to help pass the time:

  • Connect to our free Wi-Fi
  • Watch your favorite show on TV
  • Pursue our delicious snack and drink options available for purchase
  • Socialize on our comfortable indoor seating
24 Hour Laundry dryers in the washateria drying laundry for their family
24 Hour Laundry and Washateria washing machines for the whole family

What Is The Best Day To Go To The Washateria?

As our name suggests, we are open to the public 24/7 365. That means we put the power of clean laundry in your hands. Whenever you are free and have time, whether it is the middle of the night, early morning, or late afternoon, we’ve got you covered!

While weekends, especially Saturday and Sunday, can be our bust time, we offer enough machines that there will rarely be a long wait to wash and fold your laundry.

If you have specific questions about a day or time you wish to visit our Houston, TX location, contact us anytime for more details. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How Long Does It Take To Wash Clothes At Washateria?

Wash time at the washateria varies depending on the machine cycles you select and the number of clothes you wish to wash and dry. The average load time for a wash could take around 30 minutes, with another 30 minutes to an hour for dry and fold time.

If you want to save time on your laundry day, consider our wash and fold delivery service. Starting at just $1.59 per pound, our wash and fold service is simple and convenient. Plus, with free pickup and delivery, what do you have to lose?

Contact us today to verify we service your location and to get a free quote. Laundry will be charged by the pound, except bulky items may be removed and charged on a per-item basis.

24 Hour Laundry dryers and a inside look at a 24 hour laundry
A young beautiful woman washing, drying, and folding her laundry at 24 hour laundry Washateria

How Much Does It Cost To Wash Clothes At A Washateria?

Prices at the washateria can vary. For the most updated pricing, please contact us. Our coin-operated machines are among the best and cleanest in the area, providing you with a huge value.

Factor in our free Wi-Fi, TV, and some of the best seating around, and you really can’t beat the price or value of the 24 Hour Laundry Washateria.

We also offer additional services at an additional cost, including:

  • Wash & Fold Delivery
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Garment Repair
  • & More!
    Laundromat Location Perks
Woman pulling wash and fold laundry out of the dryer at 24 hour laundry